Some notes on household meat grinders Frequently asked questions

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

The purpose of the household meat grinder is to use ground meat and vegetables. The knife edge is sharp, so please use the intermediate shaft to clean the blade to avoid hurting your hand. Please avoid playing hard objects such as gelatin when grinding, so as not to damage the knife edge. There is a temperature control protection switch on the motor. When the motor continuously works overheating, it will automatically disconnect to protect the motor from being burned out. After the temperature drops, it will automatically recover, so that the life of the whole machine is guaranteed.

The purpose of the household meat grinder is to stir the meat: 250g meat can be stirred at a time, and the work can be completed in about 30 seconds. You can also put the vegetables in the meat while stirring. The product can also stir vegetables and fruits separately. Another product can be used to pulverize granular objects, such as peanuts, or to stir liquid foods up to a maximum capacity of 1 liter. Burgers, dumplings, stuffed buns, various meatballs, various salads and juices can be made by processing different foods, and users can use them according to their own ideas.

The household meat grinder adopts the method of grinding minced meat, just cut the meat into thick strips, put it into the machine and press the button to grind out the uniform primary color minced meat, without having to lick the arm on the cutting board, so that the arm is sour, save time Also save effort. Help you make sausages with special features quickly and easily. Beautiful shape, smooth curve and easy cleaning. The kitchen is a good helper and has a lot of life.

When using the meat grinder for household use, it is recommended to pause every 20 seconds. If you want the machine to be durable and play its function, when the motor has abnormalities such as heat and odor, be sure to stop it and cool it. Use it, otherwise it will shorten its service life or cause motor burnout. Do not use for more than 1 minute.