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When you want a soda maker without the hassle of electricity or cords, the Hongfeng eco-friendly soda maker is your perfect choice. This innovative soda maker requires no electricity and automatically releases pressure, so you can enjoy a delicious soda anytime, anywhere. The sleek and compact design is perfect for taking on the go, and the eco-friendly materials mean you can feel good about using it.

Soda maker can reduce millions of single-use plastic bottles using tons of flavorful, good for you fizz. All of our water bottles are BPA-free because it's better for the planet.

The Hongfeng eco-friendly soda maker is a unique product that doesn't require any electricity to operate. This innovative machine has a built-in pressure relief system, which can automatically adjust the pressure to ensure that your drink has perfect flavor and texture. For those who seek to enjoy their favorite carbonated drinks in an environmentally friendly way, this is a safe and convenient choice. In addition, it is equipped with the standard soda maker gas cyclinder!

Soda maker can make sparkling drinks repeatedly and sustainably, effectively reducing the production of canned beverage bottles. Powered by CO2 cylinder, No electricity or batteries required.

eco-friendly soda maker

eco-friendly soda maker

The benefits of using eco-friendly soda maker are many:

For one, it is different from the traditional soda maker. It does not use electricity or messy power cords, powered by carbon dioxide cylinders screwed into the machine. And it automatically releases pressure when the bottle is opened, so there is no need to power it on or off.

Additionally, it is very easy to use:

eco-friendly soda maker

1. Open the top cover of the soda maker.

2. Fill the soda maker with water up to the marked line on the inner wall of the soda maker.

3. Add your desired amount of sugar or other sweetener to the water.

4. Close the top cover of the soda maker and screw it tight.

5. Turn over the soda maker so that the nozzle is pointing downwards, then press down on the top cover to start carbonating the water.

6. When you hear a hissing sound, stop pressing down on the top cover and wait for around 1 minute for the carbonation process to finish.

7. Then you can enjoy delicious soda water!

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