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Water with carbon dioxide dissolved in water to saturation degree is also known as "sparkling water" because it will have carbon dioxide bubbles. Sparkling water has a fresh taste and delicate bubbles, which can inhibit appetite, block the absorption of sugar and fat, and neutralize the acidity in the body. Therefore, it is highly sought after by young people.

Artificial sparkling water is also sought after by people for its health effects such as helping to regulate the acid-base balance of the human body and enhancing the vitality of the intestines and stomach. The habit of drinking sparkling water in Europe and the United States has been 100 years old. Soda water maker produced by Hongfeng can make this hottest health drink.

soda water maker

The whole body of Hongfeng soda water maker integrates the elements of stability, softness and flexibility, which not only does not appear abrupt, but also makes the body have a low-key and noble sense of technology and fashion. The soda water maker aims to keep healthy, happy and delicious, save time and money, save energy and environmental protection, and make life more healthy and passionate.

You can operate soda water maker according to the following steps:

Gas cylinder loading steps: press and hold the button on the body; Take out the machine head upwards; Confirm that the connection between the machine head and the cylinder is well connected, and tighten the cylinder.

soda water maker

Making sparkling water: screw the pressure water bottle with water into the machine, and the water level of the pressure water bottle must be in the middle of the water limit line; Pull the pull rod gently, and then release the inflation pull rod after hearing the "popping" alarm. If you need more bubbles without waiting, please repeat this step directly; Hold the bottom of the pressure water bottle and pull it outward until the pressure relief sound disappears, and then screw out the pressure water bottle to complete the production of spark water. Supplemented with various fruit pulps, the mini exclusive water bar for DIY lovers is complete. The fusion of creation and enjoyment is certainly not simple.

After drinking sparkling water, the heat and exhaust gas in the body will be quickly removed from the body to dissipate heat and relieve heat. It can also promote blood circulation, refresh and relieve fatigue, alcohol and grease. Drinking Sparkling water for a long time can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, maintain the acid-base balance of the body, effectively relieve the symptoms of hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and hypertension, and maintain beauty.

soda water maker

In addition, our soda water maker is also a good helper for home life. You can make a sparkling water to remove harmful residues in fruits and vegetables, eliminate secondary pollution, and effectively remove fishy, mutton, rancid and other odors; Use sparkling water to wash your face and take a bath, which can soften the skin cutin, clean the deep dirt, and make the skin smooth and fresh.

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