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With the improvement of health awareness, carbonated water has become a drink in people's daily life. The emergence of carbonated water maker allows people to make carbonated water at home, which is convenient and affordable. As a manufacturer of carbonated water maker, Hongfeng reminds you that you also need to pay attention to some safety matters when using carbonated water maker to avoid accidents.

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1. Avoid excessive injection of carbon dioxide

The principle of carbonated water maker is to inject carbon dioxide into water to create bubbles. However, excessive injection of carbon dioxide can lead to excessive pressure, leading to safety accidents. When using the carbonated water maker, be sure to follow the instructions on our instructions.

2. Avoid using inappropriate materials

When making carbonated water, you need to use water bottles equipped with safe materials to store water and carbon dioxide. It is not recommended to use other materials to replace these safe water bottles, doing so can be very dangerous. Because ordinary plastic bottles cannot withstand high pressure, they will explode once the pressure is too high.

3. Avoid not cleaning for a long time

The carbonated water maker will produce some dirt and bacteria after being used for a period of time. If it is not cleaned for a long time, these dirt and bacteria will breed, affecting your health. It is recommended to clean it regularly to ensure hygiene.

4. Avoid using expired carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a key raw material for making carbonated water, but if expired carbon dioxide is used, the quality of carbonated water will decrease and even affect health.

5. Avoid use in high temperature environments

The carbonated water maker will generate a certain amount of heat when used. If used in a high temperature environment, it may cause the machine to overheat and fail to operate normally, affecting the life of the carbonated water maker.