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What is Soda maker?
Soda maker, also called as sparkling water maker, carbonator, is a small appliance that allow users to turns water into DIY sparkling water anywhere anytime they like. The most common soda makers are household and electricity-free at present. It uses carbon dioxide from an installed cartridge to pump the carbonation into a reusable bottle simply by a manual push-button mechanism or a mechanical lever. Soda makers can also be portable, intelligentized or integrated into refrigerators, water purifier etc.
Interested in the soda maker industry but not so much confident about your markets?

A solution might be workable for you:

Select a soda maker from our existing designs, customize it with your logo and packaging, then try to sell in your markets for one or two year. If sold well, then proceed with the second product with your own design. It’s worth mentioning that we have almost 20 existing designs for soda makers popular worldwide, and over 20 engineers available to work with you on ODM projects.

Can I get a sample?
Sure! No matter selecting from our existing designs or customized samples, please feel free to let us know your needs. We will quote and arrange samples & shipping according to your requirements.
What are the turnaround times for OEM sampling and mass production?

7 days for OEM sampling(customized logo and packaging)

Around 30 days for mass production

Do your soda makers come with a gas cylinder inside? If not, how can I get gas cylinders?

Our soda maker machines DOES NOT come with a Co2 cylinder, but we have below solutions for you:

① Find another supplier of gas cylinder to work with our soda makers, we recommend international manufacturers like Linde, AGA etc.

② Purchase empty cylinders from us and fill them up locally. Likewise, famous manufacturers like Linde, AGA are most recommended. Safety is the basic needs of consumers and the key factor that we should consider when selecting gas suppliers.

Please note that Hongfeng has no affiliation with Linde or AGA.

③ Import soda maker machines only, and let consumers buy and swap gas cylinders locally. All of our soda makers are compatible with common cylinders from Sodastream (except for Sodastream Quick Connect), Aarke, Soda Sense and many other screw-in 60L gas cylinders, except Australia and New Zealand.

Please note that Hongfeng is also capable in producing soda makers especially for Australia and New Zealand markets, please do let us know if needed.

Can my soda maker be workable for carbonating fruit jam? Or any other innovations?
We’re the professional manufacturer of soda makers and have worked out many innovative products with our customers. For market or intellectual property rights protection, we agree to produce and sell some specific products to some specific customers only, but please feel free to reach out to us for any innovative projects.
What are the cooperating steps for a new project of ODM product?

① Sign NDA agreement

② Please send us the design, draft or idea of the product, our engineers will analyze and advise suggestions accordingly

③ Detail discussion about product and its functions, then our engineers start working on design file

④ Finished design file to be sent to you for checking

⑤ After your approval of design file, we make mock-up sample, test the functions and ship it to you for checking

⑥ Tooling and molding after final confirmation of designing

⑦ Pre-production sample and Mass production

Small tip: Please do marketing research to better understand consumers’ needs and feel free to let us know any functions or characteristics that the product is expected to have. We’re glad if we could be your strong supporter and work out an innovative and popular product with you!

How to carbonate your beverages
Hongfeng soda maker

How to Use Sparkling Water Maker?

Treat yourself to refreshing sparkling water anytime with soda makers. All you need to do is 3 easy steps---fill, twist and press!

1.Fill the carbonating bottle

Rinse the carbonating bottle with cold water before you use it for the first time. Fill the carbonating bottle with cold, clean water up to the marked filling line.

2.Attach the carbonating bottle

Screw the carbonating bottle into the carbonating bottle socket. Don’t screw too hard---just make sure the carbonating bottle sits properly.

3.Carbonate the water

Press the button downwards firmly until you hear a sound from the valve.

The carbonation time is 2-3 seconds for each time. You can add more carbonation to the water by repeating the carbonating process.

4.Ventilate the bottle

When hearing a buzzing sound after 3 seconds, you should release the button back to a horizontal position. Please allow the button to release itself. Then the sparkling water is ready. You can unscrew the carbonating bottle and enjoy it now.