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As people pay more and more attention to health, sparkling water has become the choice of more and more people. So, what are the differences between sparkling water and other soft drinks?

Sparkling water ingredients

The main ingredients of sparkling water are carbon dioxide and water, and no artificial additives such as sugar, phosphoric acid, pigments, preservatives, flavors, and caffeine are added. In contrast, other soft drink ingredients contain large amounts of sugar and additives. Generally, the sugar content of sweet drinks is 8-11%, the calories are about 200kcal/500ml, and the pH value is between 2-4. The sugar content of sparkling water is 0, the calories are 0, and the pH value is between 5-7. It can be seen that the ingredients of sparkling water are simpler, purer and healthier in comparison.

Sparkling water can also help improve digestion and relieve an upset stomach

The carbon dioxide in sparkling water can stimulate the stomach to secrete gastric acid, promote digestion and relieve gastric discomfort. At the same time, the bubbles in sparkling water can also play a certain role in feeling full, helping to control appetite and reduce food intake.

Sparkling water also helps maintain your body's water balance

Many people tend to neglect water intake in their diet, causing the body to be dehydrated. Sparkling water can be used as an alternative drink to help people maintain the body's water balance.

Compared with the ingredients of sparkling water and other soft drinks, sparkling water is healthier and has become the choice of more and more people.

So, how to make sparkling water that tastes refreshing and healthy? This requires a high-quality soda maker. The soda maker manufactured by Hongfeng is the first choice of many customers because of its high efficiency, stability, safety and easy operation.

Our soda maker uses advanced technology to quickly and stably inject carbon dioxide into water to create sparkling water with a refreshing taste and fine bubbles. The machine uses high-quality materials and components, with better stability and safety. It is simple to operate and can easily produce high-quality sparkling water.

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