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The Best Sparkling Water Makers To Buy In 2021, 2 Models Made By Hongfeng Precision


1. Aarke Carbonator 3

Soda Maker


Comes with two bottles

Compact footprint

Automatic pressure release

Sleek stainless steel outer

Star rating: 5/5

Swedish Brand Aarke has transformed sparkling water maker design into elegant statements with an industrial feel, made of metal rather than plastic. They sit at the luxury end of the price spectrum, but we think this is justified as the performance, efficiency and user-experience of these models are in a league of their own. The stainless steel model tested was a pleasure to unpack, gift wrapped in an elegant black box and secured with a ribbon. Two BPA-free bottles with metal caps and bases are included as is a canister which screws in to secure. When lowered, the handle releases CO2 and it was the quietest tested. This would make the ultimate gift.

2.Co2 You The Carbonator

Best Sparkling Water Makers


Slender design

Nice chrome-style finish to the bottle’s cap and base

Good price

Star rating: 4.5/5

Sitting at just under £100, the CO2 You Carbonator is a more affordable option than the Aarke if you're looking for a simple but eye-catching addition to your kitchen. One large bottle featuring measurement notches for its safe filling is included in the box, along with a canister that can be fed through the base and screwed in, although there are four screws that secure the base panel if you'd prefer not to do this blind. A safety valve needs to be removed before the canister is loaded, which can't be reached by hand. We used a long pair of tongs to do it but would recommend unscrewing the bottom panel. Despite the body being made of plastic, it remained pleasingly strong with no flex when pressing the button to release the gas, which it did quickly, efficiently and quietly.

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