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The First Soda Maker Of its Own Brand YOCOSODA Officially Entered The Sam's Club Store


Soda Maker Of its Own Brand

Recently, the first desktop sparkling water machine of YOCOSODA, which is owned by Hongfeng Precision, has officially entered more than 30 Sam's Club stores across the country and has been sold on the counter, which has also created a precedent for the company's own brand to be sold in domestic high-end supermarket channels.

Sam's Club is a high-end membership store owned by Walmart, a Fortune 500 company. It entered China in the early 1990s and has millions of members. Through the membership model, it has become the preferred supermarket for young and middle-aged consumers. Sam's Club is committed to building itself into a representative of "lifestyle", its brand core focusing on product quality and advanced life concept and the brand concept pursued by Hongfeng Precision and "enable the public to enjoy a smart ecological, healthy and safe high-quality life" mission coincides.

Hongfeng Precision has been focusing on the research, development, production and sales of domestic sparkling water machines for many years, and currently ranks first in the domestic industry. The soda maker developed by the company in cooperation with PHILIPS, BRITA, AARKE and other international brands have long appeared in mainstream high-end supermarket counters in Europe and the United States. At the same time, the company has also been committed to the construction and promotion of its own brand. which also marks a historic step for the company to deepen the layout of offline supermarket channels.

Soda Maker Of its Own Brand

YOCOSODA sparkling water dispenser is positioned in the domestic market, with the features of simple appearance, fresh color matching and convenient operation, it meets the needs and concepts of modern consumers for healthy sugar-free drinking water.

In product development and market layout in the future, the company will continue to make use of its own dominant position in the industry, continue to deepen the diversification of channels, and launch a new generation of new products that lead the industry, including multi-speed control and functional machines that integrate drinking water and sparkling water. and other new products, so that more consumers can truly enjoy the product experience and the improvement of life quality brought by technology.