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Finland Mysoda Signed A Big Contract With Carrefour


Finland Mysoda Signed A Big Contract With Carrefour

It's a new factory. The co2 bottle filling plant, built in 2020 in Lille, France, has been started through difficulties. Photo: Mysoda Oy

"There are big deals this year and France will be the company's biggest market this year.

Mysoda, a Finnish manufacturer of soda maker equipment, has signed an agreement with the French retail chain Carrefour, which will result in more than 700 of the company's products being sold in France and more than 100 in Belgium.

"There have been big deals this year,"Mysoda CEO David Solomon said in happily.

In February, Germany's Karcher, known for its high-pressure cleaners, invested 10 million euros in the company

Mysoda is now investing heavily in France, which will overtake the Swiss company as its biggest market this year.

In 2019, the company opened a carbon dioxide refueling plant in Lille, France, which was swept away by the coronavirus pandemic that began the following year.

The plant was difficult to start. "Eight months of rent only, but difficulties kept the factory running."

The plant was opened in France alongside the Helsinki plant, with the aim of keeping transport distances as short as possible. The Helsinki plant will Products are shipped to the Nordic countries, and the Lille factory is shipped to Central Europe.

Carbonation equipment is produced in China, but production in Europe is being prepared.

The cornerstone of its success, according to Solomon, is the launch in 2020 of a carbonation unit made of biocomposites.

“Our product stands out in the market. It has opened its doors in Europe and attracted private equity such as Kärcher Investor interest.

"Biocomposites are new materials that have not been made into complex machines before, so product development requires its own time between. However, Solomon said it was worth it.

"Without the breakthrough in wood appliances, we wouldn't be the company we are today.

Demand for carbonation equipment is growing strongly as it is a more environmentally friendly option than bottled water. Another quote by Solomon.

One reason is urbanization.“People have fewer and fewer cars. Bringing the bottle home from the store and home is no longer seen as such an easy solutioncase."

This year, the goal is to expand into the German market and to enter the Australian and New Zealand markets.

In the past, Mysoda has stated that it aims to achieve a turnover of 100 million euros. Solomon said the goal remains

effective, the collaboration with Kärcher will provide new resources. The company aims to achieve a turnover of 15 million euros this year