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About Hongfeng's Latest Research On Plug-in Soda Maker


Hongfeng soda maker

The machine input voltage: AC 220-240V, output voltage: DC 12V 1.5A

The whole body is made of ABS plastic, and the level of carbon dioxide dissolution can be adjusted through the PC touchpad. There are three modes: low, medium and high.

Let's take a look at its working principle: the product is connected to the rated AC voltage (according to customers’ requests), and the power adapter outputs DC 12 volts to the high-voltage solenoid valve. The product is equipped with a touch screen and has three levels of low, medium, and high.

Hongfeng soda maker

The user chooses, after the power is turned on, the three gear indicators on the touch screen flash twice at the same time and then turn to be always on (standby mode); screw the gas cylinder into the carbon dioxide valve with a 20-degree inclination and push the gas cylinder into the machine to complete the operation.

Vertical, the gas bottle is open at this time; align the four bumps on the water bottle with the four notches on the machine and rotate the water bottle counterclockwise to the dead center, then the exhaust valve is closed; the user can choose any gear according to personal needs Lightly touch the corresponding graphic solenoid valve and turn on the air intake, and the corresponding indicator light flashes until the air intake stops automatically; rotate the water bottle clockwise about 15 degrees while the exhaust valve opens to exhaust, continue to rotate the water bottle and it will come out.

Now that the appearance design of the product has been completed, and the prototype has been made, we will officially open the abrasive tool soon.

Estimated completion of the grinder after 60 days.

Hongfeng soda maker

For the machine, we will pass the CE, FDA and LFGB. And price is really best around this industry.

ABS for whole body material, and internal parts are made of food grade materials.

Hongfeng soda maker

We will also conduct a safety test of the finished machine: block the gas nozzle hole, enter 6.5Mpa gas from the carbon dioxide gas valve and keep it for 5 minutes, all parts of the product shall not burst.