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Hongfeng Has Owned All the Top 3 spots in Chinese "Black Friday" Shopping Frenzy List


November is China's shopping carnival, and Hongfeng Soda Maker is proud to be among the top three sellers. Hongfeng focuses on the quality and functionality of soda machines, hoping to provide more choices for soda lovers.

Soda Maker

2022 soda maker Top 3 are made by Hongfeng.

Top 1: HR-179

Let us introduce the first model HR-179. It was designed by ourselves. And it was cooperated withthe Philips. For this model, it could make the soda water with much sparkling. The capacity is 1L.
So the 1 pc of the cylinder could make 60L soda maker.

Why Do We Drink Soda Water?

Fitness people, people who lose weight, many people are curious about how this product can lose weight, because when you drink soda water, it will increase your feeling of fullness.Then we don't wanna eat other food. The purpose will be got.

Top 2: HR-178

AARKE is a brand of Soda maker founded by two Swedish independent designers;  
Cooperated with Hongfeng to develop a new generation soda maker named HR-178  in 2018;
It adopts all metal appearance, with a strong sense of retro industry, also internal structure design and functional efficiency in a leading level .  
This model is really hot in Amazon and Taobao. If you search the‘soda maker’on Amazon, you will definitely find this model in the first three positions. It was designed and cooperated with Aarke. And we spend 3 years in designing this model.  
The taste is very nice. Our machine operation is very simple, we can make a cup of soda water in five seconds.

Top 3: HR-175  

It was designed in 2021. That is the new model. The whole body is in ABS plastic material. Soda bottles are available in a variety of materials, such as BPA-free PET, stainless steel, glass bottles. At the same time, this machine is also our factory's own brand YOCOSODA, which is very popular in China.
Soda water can help reduce blood glucose and blood pressure. So it is really a good choose. And the price is really favorable.  
Food standard is our necessary cert. If you buy our model, please don’t worry about the health. Each model has passed food standards and international certification.