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Kampania BRITA sodaONE autorstwa Freundschaft



Soda Maker

Soda Maker

BRITA sodaONE campaign  by Freundschaft


Since October, a campaign of a new BRITA product - sodaONE water saturator -  has been launched on the Polish market. The spot together with the concept was prepared entirely przez Freundschaft,  the agency is also responsible for its production.

The ad is part of a creative platform featuring brand ambassador actress Olga Frycz.  The communication strategy is based on the concept of a healthy life,  well-being and at the same time care for the natural environment, which refers to the value of the brand.

The spot was originally prepared for European markets such as Germany, France and Belgium and launched last year. This  year, due to the postponement of the  introduction of the new product, it was also broadcast in Poland.  At the same time, since October, campaigns of other BRITA products as part of the autumn campaign have been underway on other markets, based on spots and photo sessions, prepared in cooperation from Freundschaft.

This is another spot with Olga Frycz, which has already hit several European markets last year, and since October it has also been broadcast in Poland. As in thefront, we are pleased to observe how our original concept defends itself not only on our home market, but also on others. This time we are introducing a new product BRITA sodaONE, which, in addition to reducing the use of plastic, also allows you to enjoy filpoisoned water with bubbles."

Monika Szadkowska, group account director Friendship


The Freundschaft Group consists of three specialized brands Freundschaft, Freundschaft The Digitals and Freundschaft Commerce, creating marketing communication - from marketing platforms, through online content (social, video, influencer & gaming marketing) and live experience, to pro-sales performance  activities. Together with LTTM (the largest influencer marketing and gaming group in the region) and IQS (the fifth research agency in Polska) they belong to the Mediacap SA holding.

Zhejiang Hongfeng Precision Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of soda maker. It has two major brands, MARVIS and YOCOSODA, and has strong core competitiveness in the R&D, design and manufacturing of soda maker.