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Hongfeng has been focusing on the research and development, design and manufacturing of the full range of healthy soda water maker products, is the largest soda maker manufacturer in China.

Soda Water Maker

The model 179 is the classic model of our company. The sleek design with brushed stainless steel finish adapts to almost any kitchen or living style.This soda maker is very popular. Sparkling water maker requires no power connection. This means fresh sparkling water anytime and anywhere.Easy in just 3 steps: fill, twist and press. Choose your individual sparkling content or flavour your drinks.

In today's energy shortage situation, soda water maker can effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution and energy waste. Soda maker can reduces plastic bottles – up to 60 litres of delicious sparkling water, with just one CO² cartridge. At the same time, you save approx 120 disposable plastic bottles.

Soda Water Maker

Carbonating bottle

·Fill the bottle with clean and cold water only up to the fill line.

·NEVER wash the plastic bottle in dishwashers. DO NOT wash it in hot water exceeding 40℃.

·DO NOT use other bottles not specifically designed for Our soda maker. 

·Soda bottles are clearly marked with an expiration date. Do not use the carbonating bottle after the expiry date.

·Never use a bottle that has been deformed, discolored or scratched. Before each use, check the expiration date on the bottle, and check for damage and deformation. Replace expired, damaged or deformed carbonating bottles with new ones.

·Always keep the bottle clean with the cap on to avoid bacteria and bad smell.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinder

(Handle the cylinder properly to avoid serious personal injury.)

·Carefully check the cylinder and cylinder valve for any damage before using the soda maker. If any problems are found, do not use the cylinder and the soda maker and please contact the customer services.

·Best before: see the date indicated on the cap or on the head sleeve, or at the bottom of the cylinder.

·Do not breathe the gas contained into the cylinder. It is forbidden to alter and/or modify the cylinder and valve integrity.

·Remove the carbonating bottle if it is filled with water before installing the cylinder.

·It Is forbidden to remove and/or handle the cylinder while the soda maker is working.

·Always keep the cylinder away from any sources of heat and direct sunlight, keep in a cool and ventilated place. It is forbidden to expose the cylinder to temperatures higher than 50°C.

·Do not put the cylinder into the freezer and/or into the fridge. If frozen do not use it and keep it away from the body.

·Do not use the content for babies' food preparation.

·Do not alter and/or modify the cylinder and the valve.

·Keep away from children.

·DO NOT attempt to puncture, throw or burn the cylinder.

·DO NOT transport the soda maker with the cylinder attached.

·The use duration of the cylinder depends on the use frequency.

How to DIY Sparkling water?

1. Before creating fun

Installing the soda maker gas cylinder

·Place the soda maker in an upright position and on a flat surface. Remove the carbonating bottle before installing or replacing the cylinder if it is filled with water. Remove the drip tray grid and then carefully lay the soda maker down on the side.

·Remove seal and cap from the CO2 cylinder. Carefully insert the cylinder through the hole at the bottom. Don't drop the cylinder into the hole. When you feel that it reaches the bottom, begin screwing the cylinder clockwise until it is fastened. Don't screw too hard since this might break the threads holding the gas cylinder in place. |

2. Let the fun begin

·Fill the carbonating bottle

Rinse the carbonating bottle with cold water before you use it for the first time. Fill the carbonating bottle with cold, clean water up to the marked filling Line.

·Attach the carbonating bottle

Screw the carbonating bottle into the carbonating bottle socket. Screw counterclockwise if viewed from above. Don't screw extremely hard - just make sure the carbonating bottle sits properly.,

·Carbonate the water

Press the button downwards firmly until you hear a sound from the valve. The carbonation time is

2-3 seconds for each time.


·NEVER continuously carbonate for over 5 seconds each time. It can lead to gas wastes or personal injury.

When hearing a buzzing sound after 3 seconds, you should release the button back to horizontal position. Please allow the button release itself. The remaining pressure in the carbonating bottle will be released with a puff sound. Then the sparkling water is ready. You can unscrew the carbonating bottle and enjoy it now. |

3. Cleaning

Rinse the carbonating bottle

·Rinse the carbonating bottle before the first use.

·Use clean cold water, fiber brush with a mild detergent

·Do not use solvent, strong detergent cleaner or abrasive cleaners to clean.


·Never wash the PET carbonating bottles In a dishwasher.

·DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or solvent cleansers to clean.

·After use, wipe the drip tray to keep it dry.

Many people believe that soda is a diuretic that could dehydrate you, it is not true. Soda and other carbonated drinks can hydrate the body as well as water can. This kind of soda water has, in fact, the same benefits as drinking ordinary water.

Helps relieve stomach ache

Some researchers found that drinking soda water had significantly reduced the indigestion of those that drank it during a study. Soda water and other types of Carbonated can help relieve stomach aches and even help people, who are suffering from nausea or indigestion, feel better.

Helps relieve constipation

People suffering from constipation may experience gas, bloating, and painful bowel movements. According to a study conducted in the year 2002 by some experts, soda water may help to treat constipation. 

Decreases the risk of heart diseases

Drinking soda water also exhibited improved overall digestion along with the gallbladder emptying as well as lower incidences of dyspepsia and constipation, which helps exhibited lower risks of heart diseases.