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Product Introduction of New Soda Maker model#185G


An upgraded multi-functional soda maker which can add carbonate juice, jam in the glass bottle

Carbonator with wide-mouth glass carafe upgrades your kitchen to another level while obtains the capacity of adding bubbles to fresh fruits and vegetables besides pure water.

Sleek design with stainless steel decorations on machine and water bottle

Its wide mouth characteristic makes it much easy for cleaning.

Safety guaranteed glass carafe protected by a stainless steel sleeve.

One full CO2 gas cylinder makes up to 50 to 60litres sparkling water. It really depends on the carbonation level you'd like.

soda maker

Soda maker is a simple tool that can help as you try to craft your own unique flavors. This straight forward device is most widely known for making soda water by shooting jets of carbon dioxide into the liquid. This turns regular tap water into the kind of fizzy, bubbling drink you might serve at a party. By using the right syrups and concentrates the device can also be used to make homemade sodas. Obviously, this small household item has a lot of potential in the hands of an amateur mixologist, allowing you to blend your favorite alcoholic drinks with a wide variety of different materials to craft a unique flavor all your own. Soda makers are relatively cheap and readily available so they're a great investment whether you're trying to cultivate your own brand or simply want to provide guests with a unique flavor at your next party.

If you're looking for a little bit of inspiration before developing your new concoction here are some popular recipes that can be mixed up using a soda maker and some simple ingredients. Just place all your ingredients into the soda maker bottle and then attach it to the device. Then press the button and watch. But don't open it right away, remember this is still a carbonated drink. Vent the gas inside the container slowly or else your tasty new treat will be spraying itself all over the kitchen.

A simple soda maker is a great choice for amateurs who are just starting to experiment. They are small in size, relatively cheap, and extremely easy to operate.