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Product Introduction of Soda Maker model#189


Hongfeng has been focusing on the research and development, design and manufacturing of the full range of healthy drinking water soda water maker products, is the largest soda maker manufacturer in China.

The model 189 soda maker mainly realizes the production of sparkling water by pressing the lever. Easy to operate, easy to clean - no electricity or batteries required, make fresh sparkling water at the push of a button, safe even for kids to use.

In today's energy shortage situation, soda water maker can effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution and energy waste. Soda maker can reduces plastic bottles – up to 60 litres of delicious sparkling water, with just one CO2 cartridge. At the same time, you save approx 120 disposable plastic bottles.

soda maker


Model No: HR-189

Case Pack: 2pcs/ctn  Units Per 20'GP/40'FT/40'HQ

Container: 960/1900/2240PCS

Gift Box Dimensions: 33.6*16.3*47.6cm

Master Carton Dimensions: 34.8*34.1*49.4cm

CO2 vessel cylinder recycling use

Plastic bottle Capacity: 1.0L

CO2 Cylinder Capacity: 0.6L

CO2 Cylinder working pressure: 40-60KGF

Certificate: CE/GS/ROHS



1. Appearance with modern style

2. Soda water not only taste is well , according to the latest soda water of result of study it used for indigestion and constipation symptom yet.

3. You'll save money on soft drinks.

4. Portable: Not using electricity and not having to be hooked up to anything, it is as much fun to use it at home, office, It can easy take it anywhere , school, office, etc

5. Soda maker uses water straight from the tap That means, less plastic manufactured, less plastic waste and less transport of bottled beverages.

6. Support Customized Sample service (Color, Logo, Packaging)

As easy as 1,2,3!

1. Fill the water bottle to the "fill line" that is marked on the bottle. Be sure to only use pure water and never try to carbonate any other liquids. The water can be any temperature but we recommend refrigerated water as it takes the gas better. Simply screw the bottle onto the machine until it is tight.

2. Carbonate To carbonate the water you simply pull down the handle and you will see the gas release into the bottle. You hold down the handle until you hear a sort of "burp" sound... that means it is complete and you simply release the handle. This process can be done in as quick as 2 seconds. Timing depends a little bit on how full your C02 tank is. If you are looking for more bubbles in your water you can repeat this step as many as 2 more times ... everyone's preference is different. Try one pull and then see if that slight / soft bubble works for you; if not kick it up with another pull.

3. Enjoy! Unscrew the bottle and enjoy the bubbles. If you want to add some flavour; do so only in the glass or a carafe and not in the aarke carbonating bottle.