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Soda water, also called bubble water, is a kind of drinking water formed by mixing carbon dioxide into pure water under pressure. Compared with ordinary purified water, it is a kind of weak alkaline drink due to its incorporation of carbon dioxide. Soda water can not only neutralize gastric acid, but also help to nourish the stomach, strengthen gastrointestinal absorption and strengthen the stomach.

Is it necessary to purchase soda water maker?

The answer is yes. Some soda water on sale is not soda water in the traditional sense, but a soda water drink with many additives. It may contain a lot of sugar, but it has no effect. Therefore, if you want to drink real soda water, you can make your own soda water at home besides buying soda water drinks without additives.

Generally, it can be made by mixing baking soda with cold boiled water or by using professional soda water maker.

Desktop Soda Maker

It is convenient to make it by mixing sodium bicarbonate with water, but the quantity will not be well controlled, resulting in poor taste and excessive risk.

However, the production through soda water maker has no such trouble. The principle of soda water maker is to physically dissolve carbon dioxide in water by pressurizing. Because water is rich in carbon dioxide gas, it can also be called carbonated water. Because the ingredients in water are carbon dioxide and water, without other additives, the taste is better, more like sugar free carbonated drinks.

Portable soda maker is easy to operate. After the gas cylinder and water are filled, press the button for a second or two to open it. When the horizontal air pressure is too high, the machine will stop pressurizing and produce gas. When you use it, you don't have to worry about the bottle bursting due to too high air pressure, and the sense of security is doubled.

If you're worried about taking your desktop soda maker with you. Check out Hongfeng's portable soda maker, which is uniquely designed and small enough to look like a water bottle and actually makes fresh soda for you. It will keep you hydrated while you're out picnicking, hiking, camping, and playing sports.

portable soda maker

For those who drink soda every day, it is more cost-effective to buy a soda water maker. This portable soda maker produced by Hongfeng can be carried with you. The standard air pressure production tools are used, and the quality has passed multiple certifications of LFGB, FDA, DGCCRF, EU, European Economic Community, ISO, BSCI. One click to make a soda. Portable soda maker can be freely used in outdoor picnic, barbecue and other activities, which is very convenient.