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Hongfeng table blender is a multifunctional kitchen equipment that can be used to make smoothies, juices, purees, lotions, soups, sauces and even baby food. It helps you create healthy meals for the whole family.

Table Blender

Table blender: Two speeds for more powerful blending

By offering two speed settings, the blending effect is even more powerful on the higher speed setting, perfect for mixing ingredients quickly and easily.

Gear 2: high speed, suitable for hard fruits and crushed ice;

Gear 1: low speed, suitable for soft fruits, rice cereal, food supplements, etc.

The two gears can be switched to each other during operation. After stirring, add water to the cup, and turn the button to P position to complete the quick cleaning of the cup, without wet hands, and it can be cleaned in one wash, which is really worry-free and labor-saving.

Table Blender

Stir more delicately and taste better

This table blender is designed with high-quality motor to run at high speed. The powerful motor ensures you can blend the toughest raw materials with ease. Instantly pulverize food for more delicate mixing, less residue and smoother taste. Plus, the sleek design looks great.

Stainless steel blade for easier removal

The blades are made of stainless steel, not easy to wear and tear, it is easier to cook food and nutrients are easier to absorb. The blade is detachable for easier cleaning. Knives and knife holder are dishwasher safe.

1.5L large-capacity glass mixing cup: stir once, share with many people

The glass jar material is thicker and has a good thermal insulation effect. It can be used to make various mixed drinks, such as juice, milk tea, coffee, etc. Airtight lid design prevents spills and keeps beverages fresh. You can enjoy healthy drinks with your family and friends.

Installed in place, safer to use

Put the cup body on the main machine and rotate clockwise, touch the safety switch, and the mixer can work normally. The non-slip foot design makes the table blender run stably and safely. Put an end to the safety hazard of dumping during use.

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