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Hongfeng Glass Soda Maker, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection And Healthy


Soda Maker

Hongfeng has launched an upgraded glass water carafe for soda makers. These glass carafes are compatible with a variety of Hongfeng soda makers.

Water bottle set include: a glass bottle, nozzle set, stainless steel protective sleeve, can be compatible with 193G, 185G and 191G soda maker machines.

Benefits And Advantages Of Glass Soda Bottles:

1. Wide mouth bottle design, easy to clean water bottle

2. Support fruit mixing and make fruit sparkling water

3. Environmentally friendly, can greatly reduce the use of disposable plastic bottles

4. Glass bottles are more durable and can be recycled and used sustainably

5. Safety guaranteed, equipped with explosion-proof stainless steel protective shell

Soda Maker

What Are The Advantages Of The New Soda Maker?

● The Newly Upgraded Soda Water Maker

Sparkling water makers have exquisite design and top-level humanized engineering. The combination of fashionable appearance and advanced technology make it easy and safe to use. Diversified bottle design can provide customers with more choices.

● Wild-mouth Carbonating Bottle

Wide-mouth glass carafe upgrades your carbonator to another level while obtains the capacity of adding bubbles to fresh fruits and vegetables besides pure water. Its wide mouth characteristic makes it much easy for consumers to rinse.

 ● Glass Water Bottle with Protective Sleeve

A glass carafe takes your soda maker machine to another level, while it lasts for a much longer working life than PET bottles. An extra stainless steel protective cover protects users from any exploding possibility of glass bottles. Safety is the first and basic factor of a soda maker.

 ● Sustainable & Eco-friendly

No Batteries, No messy Power Cords.

Be powered by a Co2 cylinder that you screw into the machine. It is simple and convenient to use, cheaper, healthier and more environmentally friendly, reduces the production of disposable plastic bottles, and follows the brand's environmental protection concept.

Zhejiang Hongfeng Precision Co., Ltd is a professional home appliance manufacturer, our product line includes desktop soda makers, electric blenders, kitchen appliances, etc. For more details, please contact us freely at any time.