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Delicious and healthy sparkling water is loved by more and more fashionable people, and making self-adjusting sparkling water is even more fun. Do you know how to choose a suitable soda maker?

soda maker

When purchasing a soda maker, you can consider the following three aspects:

1. Relevant qualification certification of soda maker

Soda maker certification in safety, environmental protection and sanitation is particularly important. After all, it is not uncommon to see negative news on the market about fake and inferior soda maker explosions that almost hurt the eyes, sparkling water quality bacteria exceeding the standard, and so on.

Hongfeng brand soda maker has multiple patents and has passed multiple certifications of LFGB, FDA, DGCCRF, EU, EEC, ISO, and BSCI. Having been exported for many years, our products have strict quality standards and testing systems to protect the health and safety of consumers drinking sparkling water.

2. The appearance and touch of soda maker

There are also high and low quality materials used in soda maker. We can make basic distinctions by seeing, touching, and smelling. A high-quality soda maker, the bottle body is smooth and transparent, thick and textured to the touch, and has no peculiar smell. Hongfeng soda maker is made of ABS+stainless steel material, and the bottle material is PET / stainless steel / glass / Tritan, which meets food-grade standards. It is a healthy soda maker and can be used with confidence.

3. The taste of homemade sparkling water

If you accidentally use a soda maker made of inferior materials, harmful substances will be released continuously, which will affect the taste of sparkling water, which may have a plastic taste or peculiar smell, and even seriously endanger human health. May wish to consider our healthy soda maker to bring you a healthy life. 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 fat, refreshing and not harmful to health, very suitable for fitness people. The sparkling water produced can also temporarily increase satiety, increase appetite to a certain extent, and let you enjoy food more happily!

Hongfeng soda maker has a classic and simple appearance. In terms of quality, it is made of food-grade materials and mature technology, which ensures good quality. Its operation is very simple, you can make a bottle of sparkling water in 3 seconds, and you can also use it to make juice sparkling water as you like, especially in summer, it must be a good experience.


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