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There are various types of electric blender produced by Hongfeng. How to use electric blender to extract fresh juice? Take this household mixer for example, the use method is also relatively simple. First, clean the fruit and put it into the electric blender. Add water to start mixing. If the electric blender is not smooth, add a small amount of water. When the fruit is crushed, it is OK. Finally, turn off the machine and open the lid to pour it out.

You can also add milk or other drinks to make mixed juice, and use the filter screen to filter out the pulp.

The nutritional value of freshly squeezed fruit juice is very rich. Appropriate consumption of freshly squeezed fruit juice can promote digestion, increase appetite, whiten skin, build body and lose weight. For patients, the elderly and infants, whose gastrointestinal function is weak, gastrointestinal peristalsis is slow, and food residues in the gastrointestinal tract are difficult to digest, it is very suitable to supplement the lack of nutrients in the diet by drinking fruit juice.

household mixer

Pay attention to the following items when using household mixer to squeeze juice:

1. Hongfeng warmly reminds you that for your more considerate use, when using the instrument for the first time, first check whether the accessories of the instrument are complete according to the instrument manual, such as agitator, power cord, etc.

2. When using, first hold the container of the electric blender and then turn to the right to decompose it, then cut the hard fruit into moderately sized squares and put them into the container, and then install the cross shaped or straight shaped blade according to the amount of pulp.

3. When adjusting the speed of the electric blender, it should be gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed. It is best not to start directly at high speed, so as to avoid the agitator being out of sync and causing beating. When the electric blender appears to be idling, you need to hold both ends of the main machine and shake it gently to shorten the time for food processing. After you're done with your blending work, with the mouth of the container facing up, spin the blades apart.

4. The electric blender cannot be heated when it is not stirring, and the power should be cut off when it is not working;

5. The instrument should be kept clean and dry, especially do not let the solution enter the machine;

6. If you find that the stirring bar is beating or not stirring during stirring, please check whether the beaker is stable and the position is correct.

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