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For general food, it can be achieved with a pot, but for food that needs to be baked, it is more difficult-it needs a grill to complete. Although the food baked on the traditional grill has a good taste, it has problems such as fire hazards and smoke pollution, so it is not suitable for home use. Traditional barbecue must use carbon, as we all know, there are many inconveniences and unhealthy places in grilling with carbon. It is easy to produce carbon monoxide, so it is not suitable for indoor closed spaces, and may cause carbon monoxide poisoning. The generated dust will fall on the surface of the food, causing the food to be polluted by dust, which is not hygienic enough. An electric contact grill is a great option for healthy, delicious barbecue at home.

electric contact grill

Hongfeng is an electric contact grill exporter. We recommend an electric contact grill suitable for both home use and commercial use to completely solve the above problems.

There are many advantages of electric contact grill:

1. High security. The electric contact grill is not heated by combustion, but by electric heating, and has overload protection to avoid the hidden danger of fire;

2. Environmental protection and health. Electric contact grill is heated by electricity instead of combustion. There will be no smoke and dust, no pollution, and no burning dust will be adsorbed on the surface of the food to contaminate the food. It is relatively clean, hygienic, environmentally friendly and healthy;

3. Convenient and efficient. The electric contact grill can be turned on quickly, with high heating efficiency. The heating area and temperature, that is, the heat, are controllable, and the food is not easy to be burnt. There are many functions and temperature adjustment options, which are more suitable for home needs. 

electric contact grill

How an electric contact grill works?

The working method of the electric contact grill is to generate heat through the electric heating tube, and the heat emitted by this heat source is used to bake and heat the food that needs to be heated. The core component of the electric contact grill is the electric heating tube. The heating effect, temperature, and durability of the electric heating tube directly determine the effect of the electric oven.  

However, if the heating of the electric heating tube is unstable, a series of problems will occur, such as: uneven heating, excessive energy waste, low utilization rate of heat energy, and waste. Our product components use high-temperature heat dissipation materials, which can effectively improve thermal efficiency and evenly heat food. Improve the service life of the electric oven.

With this electric contact grill, whether you use it to eat barbecue or steak, it is a good choice. Don't worry about potential safety hazards, and it can be used in a small space!

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