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We all know that carbonated drinks are bad for your teeth. The pH of acidic components in carbonated beverages is generally between 2.2 and 4.9. Our teeth are mainly composed of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. When the acid level of a tooth is at or below 5.5, the tooth is decalcified, that is, mineral crystals are dissolved by acid. If it is corroded by acid for a long time, the teeth will be corroded and thinned, the enamel will be lost, the dentin will be exposed, and dental caries will easily occur.

Like the carbonic acid in the ingredient list of cola, it will produce an acidic reaction with the bacteria in the mouth, and the phosphoric acid will also produce an acidic reaction with the bacteria in the mouth. Coke contains a lot of sugar, and the sugar in carbonated drinks also provides a lot of energy for the bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria break down sugar to produce acid that lowers the pH in your mouth. The dye in cola may also seep to the surface of your teeth, causing discoloration. Acidic substances will reduce the acid-base balance of the mouth, so carbonated drinks are relatively more harmful to teeth.

soda water

So, does soda water erode teeth as easily as carbonated drinks?

Basically not.

Soda water is much less acidic. The bubbles of soda water are produced by filling a large amount of carbon dioxide into the water, and sodium bicarbonate is also incorporated into the soda water. The sodium bicarbonate decomposes to generate carbonic acid, which then decomposes to generate carbon dioxide, forming bubbles. The pH value of soda water is usually around 5.6, and sodium bicarbonate itself is weakly alkaline, which can alleviate the acidic environment to a certain extent. If you are worried about drinking Soda water for a long time and the impact of drinking too much, then it's better to do it yourself and feel more at ease.

Take the soda maker manufactured by Hongfeng as an example. The soda maker pumps gas into the water through high pressure, turning the water into a carbon dioxide solution. The degree of carbonation can be customized according to personal preference, and sugar-free is healthier.

The taste of this homemade soda water is similar to that of carbonated beverages, but it has no sugar and other additives, avoiding the problem of providing energy for bacteria, and has very little damage to teeth and oral cavity. It is a good choice as a substitute for carbonated beverages. Drinking it in summer can quickly cool down, and people with a lot of stomach acid can also neutralize stomach acid.

If you want to experience your own unique health drink, this soda maker is still highly recommended to try.