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The main differences between soda water and purified water are four aspects: source, taste, contained substances, and functions, as follows:

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1. Different sources:

Soda water is carbonated water that contains dissolved minerals, such as sodium bicarbonate. It is often used as a mixer for alcoholic beverages and can also be enjoyed on its own. Soda water can be formed naturally, or it can be made by using Hongfeng soda water maker or quickly dissolving with weak base effervescent tablets and soda effervescent tablets. Among them, the working principle of the soda water maker is to use a compressed gas cylinder to press food-grade carbon dioxide into drinking water, and the water will emit bubbles. Currently selling hot, very popular.

Pure water refers to water without impurities, referred to as pure water or pure water, which is pure, clean, and does not contain impurities or bacteria. It is made by electrodialyzer method, ion exchanger method, reverse osmosis method, distillation method and other appropriate processing methods. It is sealed in a container without any additives. It is colorless and transparent and can be drunk directly.

2. The taste is different: 

  soda water maker

Hongfeng sparkling water maker can let you drink fresh soda water anytime. If you choose to use soda water maker to process soda water, you can combine your own taste, and the taste will be better. Soda water maker presses food-grade carbon dioxide into drinking water through compressed gas cylinders, and the drinking water will bubble. If you like to drink flavored soda, you can add healthy sugar-free syrup or honey according to your personal preference to make drinks with diffe rent flavors.

Pure water does not contain any additives, and the taste is not much different from plain water, almost tasteless.

3. The substances contained are different:

As an alkaline drink, soda water contains sodium bicarbonate, which is an edible alkaline substance, which can supplement the alkaline ions needed by the human body and regulate metabolism.

Mineral water contains more trace elements, which can generally supplement the trace elements and minerals needed by the human body, so that the human body can achieve the balance of elements and maintain a healthy dynamic balance.

4. Different functions:

By drinking the soda water made by soda water maker, the heat and exhaust gas in the body will be quickly excreted, which can refresh you and relieve fatigue, hangover and greasy. Long-term drinking can also relieve constipation and maintain the body's acid-base balance. Washing your face with soda water morning and night can soften rough skin and speed up the sloughing off of dead skin cells.

Purified water can promote the body's metabolism in a short time.